Security on Leisure Island

The crime level on Leisure Island, fortunately, is comparatively very low, and Leisure Isle Residents' Association (LIRA), which provides and controls the security operation on the Island, has put a number of measures in place to ensure that all on the Island continue to enjoy a safe environment. These measures, which benefit all, are funded by LIRA members' annual subscriptions.

The LIRA security hut at the entrance to Leisure Island is manned on a 24-hour basis by trained and registered security guards in distinctive uniforms, who are on duty two at a time. They are equipped with bicycles, radio communication and a cell phone. Our security guards patrol the Island regularly throughout the day and night with sophisticated security timer batons. Their duties are specifically to monitor, evaluate, prevent and report crimes or potential crimes and sustain security awareness.

Cameras are mounted at the entrance/exit to the Island to record all incoming and outgoing vehicles and pedestrians. The video material is logged on a sophisticated computer system from which recorded data can be referenced.

Allsound Security is currently contracted to manage all security services to Leisure Island. The LIRA Committee regularly reviews this contract, and considers ways of enhancing security.

Allsound Security has a patrol vehicle with responsibility for the eastern suburbs of Knysna, which is stationed on Leisure Island and the Scout Hall on George Rex Drive respectively.

ISLAND SECURITY HELPLINE (Guards) : 083 330 8533

Knysna is a 'Fireworks-free zone'. In terms of a regulation promulgated in 2004 by the Knysna Municipality, the use of all forms of fireworks is prohibited in all public places, streets and beaches. The ban is backed by stiff penalties of a fine of R600 or 12 months imprisonment. Permission may be granted on an ad hoc basis for fireworks displays, provided very stringent regulations are adhered to.

Braai Fires
With the exception of the public braai facilities at Green Hole, no picnic braai fires or any other fires are allowed at any parks, beaches or public open spaces on Leisure Isle.

Crowds during peak holiday season
Each year-end LIRA, in artnership with the Knysna Municipality, SA Police and Allsound Security, formulates a plan to ensure that day visitors to Green Hole and elsewhere can enjoy a safe and pleasant outing. Traffic and parking in particular are given attention, and measures are put in place to ensure adequate ongoing cleaning of facilities and collection of litter. Temporary toilets are placed at Green Hole and Bollard Bay.

Knysna Municipality provides a number of law enforcing personnel who assist with crowd control, and Allsound Security provides additional personnel and patrol vehicles.